Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Welcome to my Science Blog

My name is Art Covert and on any given day I'm an educator, evolutionary biologist, programmer and scientist.

This blog will serve as a home for my thoughts on science and education, with occasional reblogs from my photo-a-day blog.

You can read a bit about me on my website. I also teach a year long research course in computational evolution. My student spend a year in the lab doing experiments with self-replicating computer programs. In that time they also learn how to use the linux command line, python for data analysis, and a bit about scientific writing.

I'm going to try and break down everything I work on into bite-sized bits and post them here about once every two weeks, so stay tuned!

NB [9/9/2013]: I'm delighted to answer questions, especially from students! However my blog will not be a forum for discussing creationist criticisms of evolution. Any such comments will be deleted, along with other comments that are off-topic, irrelevant or indecipherable.

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